It’s interesting that both the campaign to defund the Affordable Care Act and the vote to slash $40 billion from the food stamp program came together at the same time, because underlying all of this is the notion that self-interest and self-centeredness is preferable to a system which says that we’re all in this together; that if we all contribute to a system of affordable health care, then all of us can benefit.
Here’s an important thing: You will never be owed sex. At any time. From anyone. There aren’t enough favors or good deeds you can do, and there will never be a large enough donation you could make in the Morality Bank to guarantee future sex. Do good things or be nice to a woman because they’re the things you want to and should do, but remember that one of the most important aspects of gettin’ all up in them guts is not believing that said guts are yours for the up-gettin’-in by right.